NOAH Embroidered Winged Foot Hoodie

Release Date

April 02, 2020 (US)


158 USD




After linking back up with Frog Skateboards for a light-hearted collectionNOAH has readied a new in-line drop centered around embroidered winged foot hoodies. Since the brand relaunched in 2015, the winged foot graphic has been one of its seasonal staples. This is undeniably fitting, as winged foot motifs boasts deep roots in East Coast prep and running clubs, two of NOAH’s main inspirations. However, this marks the first time it’s been embroidered — instead of printed — on the brand’s signature made-in-Canada fleece.

Arriving in black, gray, navy, burgundy, yellow, dark teal and white, each hoodie presents an embroidered white or navy NOAH text logo, sitting above a red winged foot. Elongated drawstrings and ribbed side panels offer familiar flair as well.

These seven hoodies are also accompanied by lightweight Madras plaid campus jackets and shorts, which arrive in both elegant grayscale and vivid pastel makeups. There’s also a Dyneema ripstop hip pack and a small hand towel with its own set of winged foot logos.

All of these pieces will arrive on the NOAH webstore April 2. The hoodies are priced at $158 USD, the jackets at $348 USD, shorts at $188 USD, hip pack at $78 USD and towel at $38 USD.

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