Neil Barrett PVC Supermarket Bags

Release Date

October 14, 2019 (US)


207 USD




Following last years minimal FW18 lineup, Neil Barrett has returned with a set of translucent PVC bags from his FW19 collection, channeling futuristic punk inspirations from the urban neon-clad landscapes of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Coming in five glossy colorways, the bags resemble the shape of a standard supermarket bag, decorated with a graphic that’s repeated throughout each piece. The first two bags see a dark brown tint, differentiated by a white print on one and black on the other. “Neil Barrett” branding appears along the edges of center motif, complemented by large kanji characters at the center and all four corners. A thick stripe runs down the middle, while smooth thin outlines frame the piece. The motif is seen on the other three colorways, red, neutral and blue, rounding up the concise series.

The Neil Barrett PVC Supermarket Bags are currently available at NEILBARRETT.COM for $207 USD.

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