Medicom Toy x Brandalism Banksy-Inspired Figures

Release Date

December 21, 2019 (US)






Ahead of the holidays, Medicom Toy and Brandalism will be releasing three new figures inspired by Banksy‘s iconic artworks. A standout collectible in the range is a blacked-out version of Banksy’s Monkey Sign artwork, following the release of a black and white version of the same piece that launched earlier this year. The figure depicts a monkey wearing a dual-sided sign that reads “Do Nothing You’ll Live Longer.”

Banksy’s BOMB HUGGER is also getting the monochromatic treatment following an initial black and white launch back in 2017. This time around, the controversial piece will release in an all white colorway. Even with a stripped-back appearance, the smallest of details are still noticeable in the subject’s face and in the bomb she carries.

Additionally, Banksy’s Flying Balloons Girl will get an all-white, 3D rendition. The piece features a young girl floating off of the ground holding a large bundle of balloons.

The Medicom Toy x Brandalism Monkey Sign, BOMB HUGGER and Flying Balloons Girl figures will release for $503 USD, $453 USD and $453 USD, respectively, on December 21 over on Medicom Toy’s website.

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