Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK “Neon Genesis Evangelion” 100% & 400%

Release Date

November 23, 2019 (US)


121 USD




Medicom Toy has returned with its latest BE@RBRICK — a nod to the classic mecha anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. This particular release is a collectible set that comes with a 400% EVA Unit 01 and a 100% Shinji.

The former figure follows the thematic color schemes of EVA Unit 01 as depicted in the original anime: dominated mostly by a deep purple palette alongside hits of green, yellow, blue and red. A thin horn is illustrated at the top of the head, followed by pentagonal eyes and a robotic jaw. Below is EVA-01’s unique pectoral chest plate, a departure from the other V-shape plating appearing on other EVAs. Hits of green are placed across the lower torso, arms, and feet, while a thin outline of the legs is drawn underneath. Shinji is dressed in his white and blue plug suit, something pilot’s in the show wear to control EVAs through psychic link. As a finishing note, the tiny figure is also depicted with an interface headset at the ears, which is also required to receive direct nerve impulses for full control of EVAs.

The Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK “Neon Genesis Evangelion” 100% & 400% set will be available for raffle on November 23 at Winners will be able to pick up the figures at Medicom Toy’s physical Tokyo Soramachi store for $121 USD.

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