KAPITAL Teddy Bear Sweater

Release Date

February 10, 2020 (US)


138 USD




Following its 60/40 Cross KAMAKURA Anorak from last month, KAPITAL has unveiled a sweater and a set of T-shirts from its lastest seasonal lineup. Each piece has been emblazoned with a bold teddy bear print, accented by vibrant KAPITAL iconography: a gray sweater, two white T-shirts and an indigo-dyed T-shirt.

The former piece boasts a semi-boxy fit with a supple terry fleece lining. Besides the highlighted print, the sweater comes woven with a subtle “2008 KOUNTRY” patch logo. Coming in palettes of brown and beige, the piece’s teddy bear graphic is depicted with a polka-dot bow tie and a pair of white sock marked with KAPITAL’s smiley motif — the same bear print is placed over a white cream-colored T-shirt. The other white T-shirt boasts a different version of the motif — a blue bow tie and a red eagle necklace. Lastly, the final tee has been treated with a rich indigo dye all around, finished off by a bold purple bow tie.

The KAPITAL Teddy Bear Sweater and T-shirts are currently available at KAPITAL’s website, ranging from $88 – $138 USD.

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