‘Dragon Ball Z’ x XLARGE® Capsule Collection

Release Date

August 11, 2018 - 12:00 am EST (US)






XLARGE® teamed up with iconic series Dragon Ball Z once again on a pastel-colored capsule.  Consisting of nine short-sleeve T-shirts, the special range focuses in on soft tones that highlight the classic designs of Akira Toriyama‘s characters. Kid Trunks, Kid Buu and Bulma serve as the key characters spotlighted in the capsule as each is used to highlight recreations of XLARGE®’s established logos. Dominant graphic elements include the original character artwork of Kid Trunk sipping a soda in a Capsule Corp., Bulma sporting one of her signature short hairstyles, and Kid Buu menacingly-positioned like he did during his saga with the Z Fighters.

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