Brain Dead x Slam Jam

Release Date

April 03, 2019 (US)






Longtime friends Slam Jam and Brain Dead reunite for another collaborative release, following the joint showing in Tokyo last month. The new release centers around a trio of exclusive items, all covered in special artwork and paint splatters.

A black hoodie, sweatpant and white T-shirt comprise the drop, with bold graphics taking center stage. Co-branded Brain Dead logos appear on each item, taking up prime real estate on the rear of the hoodie and sweatpants. Illustrative artwork courtesy of Jason Wright appears on both items, executed in contrasting white; the doodles show everything from a smiling house to a dog in a hat to a stack of grinning wheels.

Along with the loungey layers, the drop includes a boxy white T-shirt. An outline logo is printed at the chest pocket, while the rear boasts large branding, with visual interest delivered by way of cool-hued zebra stripes and leopard print.

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