BAPE x M / mika ninagawa x Medicom Toy Half-And-Half BE@RBRICKs

Release Date

May, 2019 (US)






Medicom Toy has released floral-drenched figures from photographer Mika Ninagawa in the past along with plenty of BAPE collaborations. Now, BAPE and Ninagawa’s “M / mika ninagawa” imprint join with the toy company for a set of mashed-up BE@RBRICKs, juxtaposing the streetwear company’s trademark camouflage with the Japanese artist’s colorful flower imagery.

Available in 100%, 400% and might 1,000% iterations, the figures all sport slightly different prints depending on size, making each slightly distinct. Regardless of model, all figures sport iconic FIRST CAMO patterns on the left side of the “hoodie,” running the gamut from blue and white to militaristic green and brown. Meanwhile, the right side of the figures’ torsos features Ninagawa’s abstract snapshots of lush red, blue and yellow flowers for a punch of color. White trim on the hem of each hoodie — except for the green-trimmed iteration with black legs — completes the designs.

The limited edition figures hit Medicom Toy’s web store, Tokyo outpost and select BAPE flagships this month. Expect the 100% and 400% (offered as a pack) to retail for ¥16,800 JPY (approximately $155 USD) while the 1,000% weighs in at ¥78,000 JPY (approximately $710 USD).

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