Affix x Troika Architectural Mutli-Tool Ballpoint Pen

Release Date

March 19, 2019 (US)


90 USD




Affix has just dropped more Architectural Multi-Tool Ballpoint Pen with Troika. Based on Troika’s original model, the Affix collaboration adds two new colorways into the mix: a clean silver and bright orange.

Perfect for the modern day office-faring handyman, the pen itself is perfectly weighted, with a six-sided body which provides for a very comfortable grip. The body itself is made from a hardy and durable brass marked with an architectural ruler in both centimeters and inches. Also, one of the six sides of the body features an open window that houses a green spirit level. The end cap serves as a stylus tip, allowing the pen to be used on touchscreens and tablets. Under the cap, a concealed mini screwdriver, with both a flat-head and Phillips head option. The pen itself is a twist-action ballpoint, with a surgical grip to enhance ease of use.

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