adidas Originals x size? BC “Panenka”

Release Date

July, 2020 (US)


90 USD




While this year’s European Football Championships have been postponed until 2021, adidas Originals and size? continue to honor classic moments from the prestigious tournament with the release of “The Panenka,” an updated iteration of the classic BC sneaker.

The first of three releases in its “Euros” pack, “The Panenka” celebrates one of the most daring ways to score in a penalty shoot-out. A cheeky, lofted chip down the center of the goal, the audacious technique is named after Czech footballer Antonin Panenka who scored with one in his nation’s 1976 European final win over Germany.

To honor the midfielder and celebrate one of the most iconic moments in the tournament’s 62 year history, adidas Originals and size? have unveiled a BC sneaker in the blue and red hues of the Czechoslovakian national team, with a graphic print of the “Panenka” completing the shoe.

Enter the draw for the adidas Originals Euros Pack BC Trainer “The Panenka,” – which retails at £75.00 (approximately $90 USD) via the size? launches app.

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