1017 ALYX 9SM Black Mid Sock Boots

Release Date

March 24, 2020 (US)


1215 USD




Shortly after dropping its cobra buckle-equipped Sock Low Sneakers1017 ALYX 9SM has unveiled a high cut version of the silhouette. The tall counterpart has been given a sleek triple-black colorway, finished with stretchy nylon uppers for a snug fit.

Starting at the top of the silhouette are ribbed collars, complemented by a rubber “1017 ALYX 9SM” patch logo sewn over a long leather backstay. The rest of the uppers sport a finely woven stretch nylon material, accompanied by a matte black heel support and a thin branded rubber toecap. In contrast to the soft textures of the uppers, the midsole is made up of durable rubber. It sees an articulated mold that’s accentuated by a large glossy TPU heel piece and a ridged footbridge. As a finishing note, the shoe comes with essential Vibram treading for optimal support and traction.

The black 1017 ALYX 9SM Mid Sock Boots are currently available on SSENSE’s website for $1,215 USD.

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