Man Makes Nerf Minigun Capable of Shooting 20 Rounds/Second

Can hold up to 2000 balls.

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Taking over a year to build, Nerf modifier Captain Xavier has finally finished his Blaster. Called the “Proton Pack Rival Minigun,” the minigun is based off an Air Zone Punisher blaster, and is capable of shooting 20 rounds per second. Complete with a XBZ foam rocket, Captain Xavier fitted the minigun with a battery-fed ammunition pack that, when fully loaded, can hold 2,000 Nerf Rival balls (compare that to Nerf’s highest capacity blaster on the market, the Nemesis MXVII-10K, which only holds 100 Rival balls).

For those that are interested in how it goes through some 1,600 foam bullets, skip to the 18-minute mark, or watch the whole video for a detailed breakdown by Captain Xavier himself.

In other design news, Yeenjoy Studio recently debuted Majin Buu Incense Burner for WOAW.

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Captain Xavier