Here's How You Can Own Pizza Hut's Pie-Ordering Sneakers

A chance to get the Pie Tops in your sneaker rotation.

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Earlier this month we revealed a special type of sneaker from Pizza Hut called the Pie Tops. In conjunction with the NCAA tournament, the popular pizza chain created a limited run of the custom-made shoes by The Shoe Surgeon as a way to bring fun and style to the game. With a commercial starring Grant Hill, it was revealed that the Pie Tops are shoes that actually order pizza for you with a push of a hidden button located at the tongue. All you have to do is sync your pair with the Pizza Hut Pie Tops app and you can choose which pie will come to you when you press the button.

To add more excitement to the release, you now actually have the chance to own this ultra rare pair. All you have to do to win is follow the “Pizza Hut All-American,” Jason Zone Fisher on Instagram (@phallamerican) and Twitter (@PHAllAmerican). Then, while the NCAA Final Four games are happening, Jason will give some pairs to participants in Phoenix and anyone following him online. Then on April 3, The Pizza Hut “Pie Tops Hunt” will roll out. How does it work? —  ”Jason will take fans on a virtual “360 panoramic hunt” to spot a pair of the Pie Tops hidden in Phoenix Stadium.”

To participate and get your hands on the sneakers, visit