Countries Are Offering Six-Figure Bonuses for Gold Medal Winners

Others offer military exemption, free lifetime supply of beer, and unlimited sausages.

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Competing for a chance at gold in the Olympics should be incentive enough for athletes to give it their all in Rio. However, Fox Sports reveals just how financially lucrative winning a medal at the events can be. Singapore is by far and away the leader in gold medal bonuses, offering a mammoth $753,000 USD to any athlete who can bring home a gold. Other hefty sums include Indonesia ($383,000 USD), Azerbaijan ($255,000 USD), Kazakhstan ($230,000 USD) and Italy ($185,000 USD). On the other end of the spectrum British athletes do not receive any bonus for winning a gold medal, while the likes of Australia, Canada, Germany and the United States offer incentives ranging from $15,000 USD to $25,000 USD. Other countries offer other rewards such as military exemption (South Korea), free lifetime supply of beer (Germany) and unlimited sausages (Belarus). Check out the full breakdown of prizes below.

Singapore - $753,000 USD

Indonesia - $383,000 USD

Azerbaijan $255,000 USD

Kazakhstan $230,000 USD

Italy $185,000 USD

France $66,000 USD

Russia $61,000 USD

South Africa $36,000 USD

USA $25,000 USD

Germany $20,000 USD

Canada $15,000 USD

Australia $15,000 USD

UK, Norway, Sweden, Croatia – No bonuses.