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Levi’s® x HYPEBEAST Railside Conversations: Jeff Hamada & Florian Kaps

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Continuing on with our Levi’s® x HYPEBEAST Railside Conversations is a pairing of two individuals with a penchant for creating context to classics of the past. Florian “Doc” Kaps is probably best known for his former company, THE IMPOSSIB...

POW WOW Hawai’i Event Recap

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Today marked the fourth and final day of POW WOW Hawai’i. Originally conceived and launched in part by Jasper Wong approximately one year ago in Hong Kong, the event made its second stop in Wong’s native Hawai’i. The event’...


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Following a successful start in Hong Kong, the art and music event known as POW WOW will change venues to the sandy beaches of Hawaii. The event conceived in part by Jasper Wong will occupy his hometown of Honolulu starting Feb. 16th through the...

“Small Victories” A Booooooom Project Exhibition Recap

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The “Small Victories” exhibition enjoyed its opening last night at Hong Kong’s Above Second Gallery. The show curated by Jeff Hamada in association with his creative platform Booooooom featured 101 different submitted works of p...

“Small Victories” A Booooooom Project Exhibition

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Approximately two months ago, Booooooom launched their tenth creative project titled “Small Victories”. Celebrating the candid and unforeseen circumstances that play out each day, the user-driven project involved people sending in 4 x...

Livestock presents: Jeff Hamada for Converse 1Hund(RED) Recap

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Thursday night marked the official release of Jeff Hamada’s project shoe with Converse 1Hund(RED) as the event took place at Vancouver’s Livestock location on 4th. The well-attended event featured not only the release of the shoe but...

Jeff Hamada: Converse (PRODUCT) RED

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Vancouver-based Jeff Hamada breaks down his collaboration with Converse on the (PRODUCT) RED campaign.

Jeff Hamada x Livestock Artist Series Preview

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Working together on the upcoming hosting of Jeff Hamada’s Converse PRODUCT (RED) release, Livestock has also partnered with the talented multi-discipline artist to put together a small capsule of t-shirts for Livestock’s ongoing artis...

Livestock presents: Jeff Hamada for Converse 1Hund(RED)

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One of Vancouver’s longest serving sneaker stores Livestock teams up with local artist and budding online creative mastermind Jeff Hamada in the launch of the talented artist’s upcoming collaboration Chuck Taylor All Star. As part of...

Jeff Hamada for Soul Assasins ELM Company Collection

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Recently teaming up with Converse on the 1HUND(RED) project, multi-faceted artist/designer Jeff Hamada gets his hands into another collaboration effort, this time with the GreyOne/ Soul Assassins team, which recently merged together to create the...