Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

Making “the future of of personal transportation a reality today,” American design firm Mercier-Jones has developed a futuristic, fully-realized take on the hovercraft. Touted as “the most advanced recreational vehicle” and “the future of hovercraft,” the open-air, speedboat-like design features room for both a driver and additional passenger and takes inspiration from the likes of the Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Gran Turismo, Audi R8 and other sportscars for its aggressive front end, low-profile hull and side thrust ports. Constructed of high-end materials like carbon fiber and metal alloys, the Mercier-Jones Hovercraft utilizes a hybrid-electric drivetrain alongside air cushion technology and a patent-pending directional control system for intuitive, innovative maneuverability that allows the craft to easily travel forward, in reverse and laterally. While release info and pricing are currently unavailable, serious inquiries can be made directly to Mercier-Jones as manufacturing gets underway outside of Chicago.

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