Jeff Staple
Founder of Staple Design
Tuukka Koski

Fashion , Retail , Footwear

Twenty years after founding his own brand, Jeff Staple has leaped from underground champion to a globally-recognized icon. Best known for his collaborative efforts, the respected New Yorker has spent 2017 promoting a wide release for the beloved "Black Pigeon" SB Dunk Low and cultivating new work with fragment, PUMA, Dr. Martens and Cole Haan. Recognized as one of streetwear's most successful collaborators, he has still managed to push his Staple Design further up the ranks, celebrating its two decades of business with new, forward-thinking collections and joint drops. As he creeps into his 40's, Staple is quickly on the way to becoming one of the legends worthy of a streetwear hall of fame.
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