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In this series of YONE’S GIRLS, Yasumasa Yonehara chooses another attractive muse for his subject of photography. Sayaka Araki is a Japanese fashion model turned DJ, and now an entrepreneur. Her creative career began as a common face in Koakuma Ageha fashion magazine, a place where Araki was one of the seminal figures in the early days of the printed zine — which raised to popularity for its glamorous hime-gyaru “Princess-gyaru” style. This led to her stage name DJ Alucky, and shortly after, the unveiling of her street-ready imprint GRS. With GRS came “Girl’s Factory Dot,” a commercial building dedicated to Araki’s creative ventures in fashion and music. Yonehara got the chance to photograph the industrious lass over a few closeup portraits. Enjoy the small capsule of photos above where Araki flaunts her unique style in a number of Tokyo settings.

PhotographerYasumasa Yonehara
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