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One of a strong contingency of initiatives from the beautiful state of Hawaii, In4mation has

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One of a strong contingency of initiatives from the beautiful state of Hawaii, In4mation has really pushed the boundaries in recent memory in both the retail and fashion segments. Offering a healthy serving of their easy-going aesthetic which has come to mark the island’s personality, the brand has expanded their reach throughout the world. Our latest HYPEBEAST Essentials looks to four crucial members of the In4mation team as they outline their items required to get them through each day.

Jun Jo – Principal | Professional Surfer

A warm clean wave
This is something that has been my life for so long. Surfing every morning and being in the ocean just washes out the stress of a workload. Without the feeling of gliding on water and the feeling of being free, my life would fall apart.

My Family
My wife Cassie and son Ziggy. They are everything, without them I am nothing.

Morning Necessities
The hamsa bracelet protects me from the bad something, I always have to have it on. This spray bottle is to un-wrinkle my clothing, just spray on, put on clothes, and all the wrinkles come out! Starbucks Vanilla Latte, Don’t know what it is but its an addiction without it I cant wake up.

Home sweet home. You can go from 20 minutes in an amazing city atmosphere to absolute pristine beaches. Best of both worlds.

Work desk
It resembles myself in every way. A giant mess ……..

Rhandy Tambio – Principal | Creative Director

Being born and raised in Hawaii and now a resident of New York City, it is important to have the right tools for travels and seasons in or out of Hawaii and New York. I travel as much as possible and love to have fun regardless. My quiver in New York City consists of a 24” BMX bike, A snowboard, 6’3” Mayhem Lost Fish Surfboard, 6’4” Chino Magallenes Fish, In4mation 8” skateboard and a SLB cruiser with OJ Iis and travel bags.

I gotta say that surfing in New York takes dedication cause it’s quite a production getting to the beach from Manhattan using its public transportation. I definitely got strange looks on the subway to people saying “where you taking that thing?” East River?. Living in Hawaii and New York has gotta be the best of both worlds.

Life is too short. I’m gonna try and rack up as many stamps as I can in 2009. Travel and leisure magazine best describes all I want to do in my life besides designing clothes and art.

Don’t get me fooled! I love eating and eat a lot too. Eating right, staying hydrated and healthy is an important balance for me mentally and physically.

Nike+ Kicks
This has to be one of the best forms and functional shoes to date. A microchip embedded in the shoe that helps you count your miles either running or walking. I had to get two of these, one for running and one just to rock. It’s pretty darn comfortable and only weighs 8oz. Love them!

In4mation’s Nike+ Challenge
In our New York Office, we set up a company challenge for each month. Employees who ever rack up the most miles will get a gift or days off during the end of challenge. We strongly believe to stay active, stay healthy so it helps bring down stress levels working in the hustle and bustle of New York and this industry. Check out our chart for the month of August!

Elska Sandor – Womens Head Designer

Coffee & Cigarettes
These items are definitely not essential to my well being, and while I am certainly not the healthiest of people, they are vices I thoroughly enjoy on a daily basis. The nicotine addiction I hope to kick sooner than later, but what a sublime combination those two are. I also got to use a still from the Jim Jarmusch movie of the same name, so I could throw in some culture and not just be seen as a total heathen dirtbag wastoid.

Have you ever been a huge nerd and done that How Addicted to Mac Are You test, hmmm probably not. I grew up with an Apple II computer in my house in the 80’s and currently have a frighteningly high amount of Apple products in my home that I use on a daily basis. I am not trying to big up myself here, its sadly just another addiction, this one being the joy and bane of my existence (yes, I do indeed have many issues). Last week my laptop died (because of corrupted backup software) and I had to do a total reinstall, so this screen shot is just about the saddest image ever; I spent about 2 days re-backing up all my files on both an external hard drive, to our server and on to disks just to be sure.

We are happy little Vegemite’s, as bright as bright can be. We all enjoy our Vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea. Every Aussie will know what I’m talking about here. As pictured my jar of goodness just ran out and sent me in to a panic. I’ll probably start going through withdrawal if I don’t get some more soon. Hook ups anyone? I’ll be your best mate.

After 14 years in NY, my true friends here are without a doubt my family; I have spent many birthday and holiday celebration’s without my biological family and feel blessed to have such a great group of people in my life. But I am also Aunty E to about 30 small humans across the globe; including three special darling godchildren. So this is in honor of them because on a daily basis we should remind ourselves of what’s really important and because, well, you know the deal, the children are our future.

Sense of Humor
I wasn’t quite sure what image I would put here for sense of humor; which I would consider the most important daily and lifelong necessity. It keeps me sane, it keeps me from stressing, it keeps me sharp and on point, it keeps me from taking myself too seriously and it can magically cross those pesky cultural, religious, age and language barriers. It’s hard to think of an image that encapsulates all that importance. Instead, please to enjoy my favorite multi purpose tool (they’re toothpicks! they’re breath fresheners! they’re stop-smoking-so-much oral distractions!) the almighty Australian Tea Tree Chewing Sticks.

Spencer Fujimoto – In4mation Pro Skater

In4mation apparel. In4mation G-Shock. Eyewear- Rayban or Gucci prescription transition lenses and In4mation sunglasses. Nike SB when I’m on the board. AF1’s or Jordans when I’m off. If I got a hat on, it’s a New Era.

By day, I’m the operations manager of an event production company, so my blackberry has become my office. The long battery life of this device can help your life when you have a long night and cant find or get to a charger. A full battery can last almost 3 days if you stick to texting and don’t talk to much. They can also take a beating.

Money doesn’t make a man, but a man has to make money.

In the city it’s crucial to have good, reliable transportation. I love to race bike messengers through Soho traffic. They’re not as agile as I am on the board and they have to stop frequently. I can squeeze and duck through taxis without loosing much speed. I’m pushing my signature pro model board and wheels by In4mation, Diamond hardware, Ace trucks, Bones Swiss bearings, Bones medium bushings and Black Magic grip tape.

I’m also really good at eating, and spending money on food. I love to cook and hate to clean. Coffee in the morning, beer at night, seltzer in between. Today it was Castillo’s.

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