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HYPEBEAST Feature: Essentials - Vancouver Design

Having the absolute best of both worlds, bordering the Pacific Ocean on one side and the pristine Rocky Mountains just a few hours drive away, Vancouver has the benefit of a great creative community. Vancouver-based designers are at the center of our latest HYPEBEAST Essentials feature as we link up with Vince Chan and Matt Miyagawa of Finale Design, one of Vancouver’s most respected in Kenta Goto of Brknhome and finally the man behind some of your favorite graphics as well as his own creative website, Jeff Hamada.

Jeff Hamada – Booooooom | Designer

Pilot Fineliners
These are really great for inking really small details of a drawing before scanning them into the computer. I go through hundreds of these little guys.

Wacom Tablet
When I was working for Electronic Arts I got used to using a large tablet (these allow you to draw right onto your computer), so I ended up buying this gigantic 9×12 sucka for my home computer. If you love drawing you need one of these in your life!

Video Camera
This is like my first-born son. I bought this thing when I was in film school and I’ve probably shot a million bad movies with it since then. It used to be every indie filmmaker’s weapon of choice and it’s still worth picking up if you catch a cheap one on eBay.

Rogers Raisin Granola
More specifically Corn Flakes, Rogers Raisin Granola, and All-Bran. I eat this at like 2AM every night. If you bought that book “The Game” hoping to pick up chicks, you wasted your money! BOOM, this is it right here, this will give you that x-factor in the club I’m tellin you.

These are the most comfortable shoes EVER. They are great for walking around in but not so great for kicking people because they are too soft (and comfortable). Recommended for lovers not fighters.

Kenta Goto – Brknhome | Director

My Dog
My dog Jack is my #1 daily essential. I work out of my home and I’m at my desk for most hours of the day. He keeps me company and gets me up out of my chair and outside even on the rainiest of Vancouver days. This man’s best friend, Jack.

Stationary Items
For my work i jot down ideas, take notes, set schedules, sketch & doodle a fair bit. Therefore I’m very selective with my stationary that i use. I use my Mont Blanc ball point that my girl gave me or my Rotring mechanical pencil to write & sketch. I’ve been using these colored sketch books from a shop called Spiral Cafe in Tokyo for some time now, they come in the perfect size and I use a different color book for different projects.

I try not to leave the house without a camera. Out of my quiver of cameras i have to pick my Contax T3, when I can only take just one: film, compact and mad sharp Zeiss lens. This camera has come with me on just about every trip I’ve ever taken.

This time of year in Vancouver, it can get a bit chilly and so a good zip hood is an essential. This season I was able to produce a really (really) small run of these Reigning Champ x Brknhome hoodies. What can i say, Reigning Champ makes the best sweatshirts. Good heavy weight, top quality, perfect fit, fabric no one else can touch, and a little graphic on the chest & back from yours truly. Nothing beats the feeling of sliding your arms into some RC Canadian fleece.

Jielde Desk Lamp
I find myself working long hours into the night. It must be the combination of the quietness (no phone calls and let emails) and that i feel more creative at night, so a good task lamp is important for me. After some time spent on research and hunting, I have finally found my ideal task lamp. I actually found, purchased and lugged this Jielde Desk Lamp back from Japan. Jielde lamps are made in France since the 1950′s and to me they are the most beautiful lamps. They complete my work atmosphere.

Matthew Miyagawa – Finale Design | Founder & The Guy Who Picks Up The Shirts From The Printer

Marathon Field Watch
My man Brian from Wings and Horns put me on to this. This watch meets military standards and is manufactured by a Canadian company named The Marathon Watch Company and they supply both the Canadian and American military. The hands and hour markers contain a radioactive chemical called Tritium which provides the constant lume to the watch. If you look closely, you can see the radioactive logo on the face. According to the company, the radiation output is really low. My left hand hasn’t started to glow yet, so I think I’m OK.

Like many Asians I need corrective eyewear. I think nothing changes my look more than my specs so I own a wide assortment. Now that I see them all together, they kind of all look the same.

I contribute to two blogs (Finaledesign.com and Vancouverslop.com) so I have to take pictures. I tote my Holgaroid around when I can, it is the size of stack of textbooks but there is something about Polaroids that girls love so it makes the camera worth having.

Here is a picture of some of my favorites. Air Max, ACGs, military shoes, and some dress shoes peppered in. Common Projects, vintage Bally boots, and Padmore and Barnes Wallabees.

My Bike
This is a little piece of Vancouver’s history that I purchased on Craigslist. Cramerotti is an Italian built frame but designed by a local bike shop, Campione in Vancouver. I was getting a little fat earlier this year and this bad boy helped me lose some weight. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

* I bet my partner Vince is going to be a nerd and put up a picture of his girl.

Vincent Chan – Finale Design | Graphic Designer & The Guy Behind the Guy

My iMac
I’m a pretty big Mac Nerd. I enjoy watching Steve Job’s Apple Keynote speeches. I count down the days to every Apple event. I pretty much spend most of my day in front of a Mac. If my crib got robbed the only thing I want to salvage is my iMac.

I’m always in a pair of jeans, the only time I’m not in jeans is when I’m sleeping. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the pic in denim geek code: 811, SC47, SC55, 19cm x 2, NS, and Nandos.

I love Vans, I’m usually in a pair of Authentics or Era’s…..why do they have two names?

My Keys
The old key in the pic is an actual key from my parent’s house that still works on certain doors.
That little Kensington key is for a lock for my iMac, yes I locked my computer to my desk at home, yes I am that paranoid.

My Girl
She keeps me grounded. Most definitely an essential in my life.

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