Jo Sindle & Kyle Stewart
Co-founders of Goodhood

Fashion , Retail

Back in 2007 creative couple Kyle Stewart and Jo Sindle founded one of the UK’s most unique and well-stocked lifestyle stores, Goodhood. In 2015 the couple moved their store to a two-storied space in Shoreditch, allowing the duo’s dynamic vision to grow unhindered. Motivated by escaping corporate restraints and boundaries, the brand is fully independent and sells work from independent designers. 2017 has seen the couple continue to work on a number of collaborations and exclusive drops. Of particular note was the brand’s inaugural collaboration with Vans that resulted in three pairs of “Equal/Opposite” monochrome sneakers. Another highlight of the year was an authentic collection of vintage band tees that were created with Teejerker. The well-thought-out retail space is a must-visit for any streetwear lover and with a carefully curated collection of brands, Goodhood can comfortably claim to be one of London’s best destinations.