Imran Ciesay & Solomon Boyede
Co-founders of Places + Faces
Akiharu Ichikawa


Imran Ciesay & Solomon Boyede, better known as the duo behind London cult favorite Places+Faces, have been quietly going about the business of capturing the spirit of their generation for some years now. The duo have long established themselves as pioneers of a true-to-life lo-fi aesthetic -- creating zines and hosting parties that acutely reflect their own experience of early-20s reality. 2017, however, has been the year where Places+Faces became significantly more than the sum of its parts. Collaborations on headphones and exclusive cross-continental capsule collection -- as well as the release of more of their own understated merch and a new full-size issue of the magazine -- have all managed to stay true to P+F ethos whilst bringing the name to a new worldwide audience.