John Wexler

Global Director of Entertainment & Influencer Marketing, adidas
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John Wexler
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  • NationalityAmerican
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As adidas’s Global Director of Entertainment & Influencer Marketing, John Wexler has had a major hand in elevating the brand’s status to what it is today. His lifelong passion for basketball, sneakers, and hip-hop has seen him work his way up the ladder from what he describes as an “entry-level product role” to a position handling adidas’s major influencer relationships and helping get adidas’s sneakers on the feet of some of the world’s biggest names, including Pharrell and Big Sean. But his biggest coup was undoubtedly securing a deal with Kanye West to put out his monumentally successful Yeezy Boost range, with ‘Ye himself claiming that it was Wexler’s love of hip-hop that helped clinch his signature. Swiping the world’s biggest influencer from Nike might just be one of footwear’s most inspired recent moves and the continued phenomenon of each successive Yeezy season shows just how central Wexler is to the three-striped brand’s resurgence.

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