fragment design x PEACEMINUSONE THE CONVENI Capsule

Release Date

August 01, 2020 (US)






After being teased last monthG-Dragon and Hiroshi Fujiwara have come together to release their fragment design x PEACEMINUSONE THE CONVENI capsule.

Building on PEACEMINUSONE’s steady stream of printables and accessories, the special range comes in both black and white color options. Leading the range are short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts marked with CMYK color blocks, fragment design and PMO’s circular logos, along with THE CONVENI text branding. Rounding up the range are G-Dragon’s favorite Bulldog Clip accessories, with both brands’ logos printed on one binder each or CMYK style options.

Scroll through the gallery above for a full look. The collection is now available to cop online with long-sleeved shirts priced at ¥12,100 JPY (approximately $116 USD), tees at ¥9,900 JPY (approximately $95 USD) and clips at ¥4,400 JPY (approximately $42 USD).

Priced between ¥4,400 and ¥12,100 JPY (approximately $42 and $116 USD), the fragment design x PEACEMINUSONE THE CONVENI capsule is available now on J’aDoRe JUN ONLINE.

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