David Choe: Locked & Loaded

We recently had the opportunity to ask artist David Choe a few questions, which garnered some interesting answers indicative of the artist’s approach to life. Some of the answers may offend some.

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Returning to a city that holds so many of his first memories, David Choe’s six year hiatus from Los Angeles comes with a vengeance. With a unique personality and fierce penchant for the extremes of life, this upcoming showcase is undoubtedly one of the Korean artist’s most anticipated showings to date. Over the last few years, David Choe’s life experiences have included incredible highs and lows. With the exhibition titled “Nothing to Declare”, the undeniable talent of David Choe will manifest itself over multiple mediums ranging from spray paint, oil and acrylic to the absurd in urine. All this will take center stage at the 8,000 sq ft Lazarides Gallery in Beverly Hills as the most intense of David Choe’s emotions are replicated through a common theme of his feeling towards Los Angeles. We had the opportunity to ask the artist a few questions which garnered some interesting answers to say the least which probably is quite indicative of the artist’s approach to life and his subsequent passion for art. Some of the answers may offend some.

Interview: Eugene Kan
Photography: Brandon Shigeta

Since your last show, what have you been up to?

I met a girl that looked like she stepped out of one my paintings, we fell in love and I’m shooting rainbows out of my dick. It’s affecting the palette of my current show, it’s my most colorful show to date. I feel gay in the gayest way, less angry, and gays like to celebrate, so I’m celebrating with lots of colors. It’s very expressive, I basically went from one show into the next with no rest, I know fighters aren’t supposed to fuck before the big fight, but I’m not a fighter so I’m fucking my brains out and having the best sex of my life and painting all day and night… fucking, painting, fucking, painting, fucking, painting, fucking and more fucking.

Does growing up as an Asian American factor into your art?

Of course you big dummy! I don’t have to squint my eyes when I’m painting small details because they already squinty.

What are your thoughts on the current art scene?

It’s so nice to be surrounded by all this horrific dog shit art everywhere, it makes me look and smell better than I really am, thanks guys!

Why can you attribute your success to?

Sucking dick, and I’m talking literally deep throating my way to the top and having a basic pedestrian understanding of composition.

How would you describe your change and progression as an artist?

Like being HIV positive for a decade and then finally getting AIDS. I’m totally gonna butcher this Picasso quote, but he sad something like “It took me four years to paint like Da Vinci, but a lifetime to learn to paint like a retarded kid”… Picasso already did all the research for me, I can already paint like Da Vinci, and I don’t want to spend the entire rest of my life trying to paint like a retarded kid, so instead I just cut to the chase and hire retarded kids to paint my shit for me. They work hard and are cheap, all I have to do is open the paint can lids for them and give them butter and sugar Wonder Bread sandwiches with the crusts cut off… Give them some tang and a Hershey bar and they’ll go all night.

What’s it like to present this upcoming show in LA?

Like finally getting to fuck and explode inside and outside the hottest cuntiest girl you never got to bone in high school, but beat off to everyday after school.

Barron Storey is a widely respected teacher and a huge inspiration for many of his students and artists. Can you tell me more about how he has influenced you?

If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best, Barron Storey is the king.

Do you find it difficult to balance your personal life with being an artist?

That’s a bullshit question because there is no balance, all or nothing. I have no personal life, it’s all on view for the world to see. It’s fucked up every chance I’ve ever had at having a normal stable life, we all have to choose our destiny. We all choose our fate. It takes incredible sacrifice, for those who want to keep balancing on the fence and don’t want to pick a side, keep balancing forever and see how that feels.

From previous videos and interviews, it seems that you are an adamant gambler. Do you feel the act of gambling correlates with art making?

Of course, it’s just lines and pigment on paper. If you cant take any chances with your own art, your fucking doomed to mediocrity. Don’t be a pussy, challenge the summit. Ok gotta go finish painting and fucking.

Lazarides Gallery
320 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
United States

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