Jake Phelps
Editor-in-Chief of Thrasher
Skate You

Media , Skateboarding

Phelps’s 2017 began similarly to the previous year, as a number of major fast-fashion retailers and small brands were still attempting to bootleg Thrasher, and subsequently skate culture. Instead of fighting them off, Phelps and Thrasher dropped a number of celebrated collaborations, with brands like Supreme, BEAUTY & YOUTH, Vans, Dover Street Market, Parra and many others over the last 12 months. Of course, 2017 also saw Thrasher delivering much of the best content in skateboarding from around the world, with exclusives from just about every big name and brand in the industry. At 55 and 36, respectively, Phelps and Thrasher show no sign of slowing down, even if there’s a cop car at the end of Dolores Hill.
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