Astrid Andersen
Hans Zeuthen

Since launching your first collection, what have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced within the industry? What have been your biggest learnings?

The biggest challenge is that you compete on shop floors with massive fashion houses with endless marketing and endorsement budgets. Behind the scenes you’re spending every second of your time trying to juggle all the elements of a big corporation but in reality you're such a small team and you don't have the same resources as your competitors. That said, it’s such a huge confidence boost that we are able to actually compete and that gives me and my team the drive to run faster everyday and to build our own little powerhouse!

How does designing for women differ from designing menswear?

It doesnt really for me. My perspective will always be through a masculine lens because that’s my preference. I have always wanted to dress men to feel confident and I want exactly the same when I design for women. I like defining what I think is sexy for women because I have always known exactly what I find attractive and sexy for a man to wear—so that’s new to me and super exciting. Sexy for me is about attitude and confidence more so than it's about showing skin.

What do you think about the current state of the fashion industry and what do you see as the biggest issues it faces today? Specifically, what are your thoughts on the state of streetwear?

I think the biggest issue is an oversaturated market and less original ideas. The consumer is educating themselves via social media which is great, but it’s also dangerous and I hope they take the time to investigate and separate real point of views from the noise.

Do you have any expectations for where the industry is heading?

I have hopes that we move the industry in an independent direction. Online shopping is already part of that but I hope there will be room for brands that try and redefine luxury, but without 50 years of heritage and power.

What are your short-term and long-term goals for your brand, and personally?

I just want to stay on my path and keep pushing an aesthetic that I’m passionate about and that hopefully inspires people. Personally I want to fall in love.

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