Creative Director of UNITED ARROWS & SONS
  • F Fashion
Darrel Hunter/ModeHunter

  • NationalityJapanese
  • Age40
  • DisciplineFashion

A tour-de-force within the Japanese fashion scene and darling of style editors worldwide, Poggy shows no signs of slowing down given the pace at which he tackled 2016. In his role as creative lead at UNITED ARROWS & SONS, Poggy engineered a bevy of collaborations with the likes of adidas, Reebok, ASICS, Converse and PUMA, all the while designing its in-house collections and editing the seasonal SONS MAGAZINE. In his own capacity, Poggy has also crafted one of the most in-demand voices of authority right now in fashion. His “Poggy’s World” section attracted crowds at Las Vegas’s Liberty Fairs trade show in February yet again, while his “Poggy’s Box” pop-up installation conveyed the man’s eclectic sartorial curations first at Isetan Shinjuku before moving to Hiroshi Fujiwara’s THE PARK • ING GINZA. Expect to see no shortage of this bearded and besuited dandy as he continues to work his unconventional magic at the world’s fashion capitals into next year.

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