lindsay vrckovnik tommy hilfiger summer campaign great american retreat timeless collection style verconikk knitting brand
lindsay vrckovnik tommy hilfiger summer campaign great american retreat timeless collection style verconikk knitting brand
In Lindsay Vrckovnik’s World, Building a Vibrant Legacy Starts from Within
The multifaceted creative shares a look into how she immerses herself in new inspiration for Tommy Hilfiger’s latest Hypebae-produced campaign.

Of all the different creatives in the public eye today, model, knitting fanatic and founder of her eponymous label Lindsay Vrckovnik is one whose identity is instantly recognizable. Color-blocked fits, fuzzy fashion creations and an affinity for exploring the outdoors, a look at her Instagram feed – which doubles up as an aspirational moodboard – underscores the playful aesthetic that she aims to put out into the creative landscape.

The bright and bold image that Vrckovnik paints of her life comes from a generous helping of confident self-expression. In her youth, she used fashion and beauty as outlets to navigate two seemingly opposite worlds: the simplicity of her hometown in outskirts Toronto and the growing pop culture phenomenon. Surrounded by lakes and greenery, she often tuned into MTV to connect with a generation of Y2K style obsessives, drawing inspiration from various singers and girl groups on screen.

Now, Vrckovnik looks the other way. Living amongst the hustle and bustle of New York, she finds herself retreating to nature to source ideas for her knitwear brand whilst taking a break from her daily responsibilities in the city. A new campaign with Tommy Hilfiger, produced by Hypebeast, follows the brand’s ambassador as she escapes to the picturesque suburbs of Connecticut. Basking under the summer sun in Tommy Hilfiger’s latest collection, she shares a glimpse into the sacred moments where she pauses to feed her creative mind, forgetting all about her public-facing image and instead, focusing on what truly drives her.

As part of the campaign, Hypebeast sits down with Vrckovnik to find out more about these moments, exploring how her time away allows her to step back into what she loves, search for inspiration and build her legacy.

Read the full interview and discover the new Tommy Hilfiger Summer campaign with Lindsay Vrckovnik below.

Hypebae: As a creative, tell us a bit about why you treasure time away from the city?

Lindsay Vrckovnik: In big cities, it’s easy to be in “go mode” all the time. Being busy inspires me in its own way, but I think it’s also important to give your mind a break. Time away helps my creativity and gives me a different perspective on things. I also think living in the city and being in my own routine can become repetitive, so it’s nice to break from going to the studio every day and coming home or seeing friends, it gives my mind time to rest and slow down. Sometimes it can be a challenge but for any creative, it’s very necessary.

As well as your job, how do these breaks benefit your life as a model?

As a model and a creative who has to keep up appearances in the city, it’s nice to go away and not have to care about that at all. I can be more in touch with myself in ways that don’t include caring about what I’m wearing or what my skin looks like. When I go upstate, I’m in my pajamas the whole time and I’ll go to cabins that don’t have mirrors in them. I feel like that resets my confidence and I find new things to appreciate.

“There’s not much of a process behind finding inspiration, it’s more about refreshing the creative eye.”

You have a strong online presence, how does time offline allow you to look for new sources of inspiration?

There’s not much of a process behind finding inspiration, it’s more about refreshing the creative eye. When I go upstate or if it’s a bigger trip to a different country, I try to see new things that I’m not always able to see in my day-to-day life. I work with a lot of color in my designs and it inspires my outfits, so being in nature gives me the chance to find new inspirations for color palettes. It’s about getting out of my comfort zone and seeing new things.

The new Tommy Hilfiger campaign is set in a timeless suburban getaway, how would you interpret timeless American design?

Timeless American design is something that is simple but well done. When I think about it in a clothing sense, it’s about the items that can get you through every possible scenario in your day, from your nine-to-five to whatever you’re doing after. It means feeling comfortable but also functional. I think this comes through on clothing made well, there’s no excess to it. I would never really call my style “timeless” because it’s very colorful, bright and bold. But, at the same time, I do think it can be called that because there’s this sense of sticking to my guns and dressing in a way that is true to myself.

In what ways does Tommy Hilfiger instill this classic and timeless style?

Going back to classic American design, Tommy Hilfiger is exactly this and it’s always stayed true to its aesthetic of this timeless style. I respect any brand that sticks to its identity and doesn’t change with the trends to satisfy customers. Tommy Hilfiger will always be classic. If you see someone wearing a full Tommy look, you can tell that it’s Tommy Hilfiger. It’s like when someone sees my work and notices it’s mine, it’s the biggest compliment you could receive.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with fashion. What influences your personal style today?

What influences my style now is always varying. I always try to take inspiration from real life things that I see in the world rather than grabbing images from the internet, limiting use of Pinterest and Instagram. They can be great resources but when we’re all using those platforms, your style can end up looking the same as the next person. I love to look at a stranger’s styling, even if it’s a grandma who has no idea that she’s making a fashion statement.

“In those times, I tell myself that this is what I’ve always wanted to do so I’m not going to steer away from it.”

Where did your love for knitwear come from?

Before I graduated, I took a hand knitting class to fill a credit. Initially, I wasn’t the best at it but I loved the process. When the pandemic hit, I picked it up again and eventually launched my brand. As horrible as the pandemic was, it was a blessing for me because I never would have had that time to knit and work. I definitely knit the garments for my brand a lot less now because I’m busy doing other tasks but at the beginning it was only me and I’d be knitting every day for hours on end.

As a business owner, I often struggle with the fact that I’m not as often doing the thing that I really love. But when I do have time alone, I get to revisit it. Sometimes I will knit for myself and other times, I’ll be trying out new knitting styles or color palettes.

So, how do you hope to create a legacy for your brand that is as long-lasting as Tommy Hilfiger’s?

Tommy Hilfiger has been around since I was a kid and its image has never changed. It’s inspiring to me because I try to not be influenced by others and design what I want to make and what I actually want to present to the world. It can be challenging because people are driven by trends. A couple of years ago, knitwear was really trendy. There were some really big trends and every magazine was writing articles about it which was great. But, as that hype slows down, you start thinking if you should make a shift to satisfy the trend cycle. In those times, I tell myself that this is what I’ve always wanted to do so I’m not going to steer away from it. This is how I hope to create a lasting legacy like Tommy Hilfiger’s.

Where do you see your creativity taking you next?

I’m always trying to let my brand and creativity grow organically without pushing it too hard. I’ve recently hired more knitters in my small studio in Brooklyn. Bringing new people in is always an exciting thing because I give a lot of freedom to my employees which they use to help build the brand. I’m only a small designer but these new ideas have helped me to grow. I want to do a pop-up this year or something in actual brick-and-mortar. I’m just taking it day by day, reminding myself to be proud and happy with what I’m making.

Considering your multifaceted career as a model and designer, what is it that you want to be known for?

My biggest passion in life is clothes. Making garments has been more of a recent life milestone but I’ve always loved styling myself and putting together outfits to share with the world. Whether it’s making clothes, or referencing my Instagram for outfit inspiration, I think that is what I want to be known for. I want to inspire people to have fun with what they’re wearing and find joy in fashion and dress. When someone buys a piece of my clothing and tells me that it makes me feel good or more expressive, it makes me feel happy.

Explore Hypebeast’s latest Tommy campaign in the galleries above.

To discover and shop Tommy Hilfiger’s new collection, head to its website now.

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