Luke Meier
Co-founder of OAMC and Co-Creative Director of Jil Sander
Alessandro Furla Capria

What have been the biggest challenges you faced working on OAMC and Jil Sander?

Time management, by far.

What do you think about the current relationship between streetwear and fashion, and what do you see as the biggest issues the industry faces today?

I don’t really feel that there is a difference between the two. It always comes down to an approach to design and the elements of style. I just think that now the industry likes to categorize more and more to help the masses understand.

A more interesting comparison would be to look at the differences within corporate and independent companies and the ways in which they approach the work.

The biggest issues to me are the way that people, artists and designers communicate. How do people present the work? How can different media be used to create the right mood or convey the correct message?

Do you have any expectations for where the fashion industry is heading?

It’s more democratic so it becomes easier to create a brand. Start an Instagram account, make some simple garments, and you're part of the industry. However, I think it’s still very difficult to make products at a very high level––or make things that have real workmanship behind them. As much as there is hype, there will be an increase in the audience for well-made, well-designed products.

Any highlights for 2017?

Starting a new position and progressing the work in general. I feel like I have learned a lot this year already. Probably the biggest highlight has been the opportunity to work with my wife Lucie.

How have you fared with achieving personal goals for OAMC?

OAMC helps me to explore ideas that I have about what is going on in the present and ideas I have about product. I think a lot about what is important to me, my family and friends, and people close to me and I put those feelings in the work. I also push to understand more and more about how to make garments, how to make and develop fabrics and materials, and how to work in new ways. It really is a laboratory for me and I think that each season has been a progression. That is the objective and this year we have continued to build, so I am satisfied.

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