Boris Bidjan Saberi
Kristy Sparow/Getty

Since starting your eponymous line and 11 by BBS, what have been your greatest challenges? What insights did they inspire? To create without any compromises and with all my passion what I really love to do during 11 years is the greatest challenge I can imagine. It really inspires me that we are strongly standing still with our heads up in the 21st century and maintain a slow-cooking artistic ideal in the pret-a-porter and high streetwear world. We almost are standing alone against this existing fast food-fashion generation industry.

Regarding the current state of the fashion industry, what are your thoughts? What are some of the biggest issues it faces, and is it changing for the better? What are your thoughts on the state of streetwear and sneaker culture and how they intersect with fashion?

I don’t believe in fast food, neither in fast fashion—generally, I like things with substance and authenticity. You cannot create something energetic and authentic without time and passion. What I face is the world and the output I give to it. I just hope to set a point and give more and more people the space to think, take time and think again and not just click and buy. I try to be my own prototype. BLOOD ON.

Do you have any expectations for the future of the fashion industry? How do your labels fit into this future (or not)?

My labels fit into this world, because they are real and we insist very much in our ideals and we believe strongly in our generation and history—because it’s a real story and we live and lived what we are and what we do. Our day-by-day is an evolution in the niche we are born to.

What are your fashion-related and personal highlights of 2017?


What are your short-term and long-term goals—both for your brands and yourself?

That our niche audience keeps being our crew and that this niche crew gets bigger and stronger, but keeps their authenticity as we do.

And for that, I will fight until I can’t.

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