Drake x Nike 全新合作支線系列「NOCTA」正式登場


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Drake 在先前帶來與 Nike 合作的專輯《Certified Lover Boy周邊商品系列後,今回雙方再度攜手打造全新合作支線系列「NOCTA」,並率先揭曉了首波形象,當中能夠看到黃、黑兩色的羽絨夾克和黃色 Hoodie,前者設計上在右胸注入 NOCTA 字樣,背後則有顯眼的 Swoosh Logo 呈現,CL 字樣應是呼應專輯名,Hoodie 可見部分包括黑色抽繩與胸口相應的小型 Swoosh 等簡約元素。

此外值得關注的部分是,NOCTA 的到來也代表著 Drake 與 Nike 之間的合作關係更加穩固,Drake 在 2013 年和 Jordan Brand 簽約,透過 OVO 帶來多雙傑出的聯乘 Air Jordan 鞋款,但據悉在 2018 年他曾有意轉投 adidas 陣營,不過由於和 Pusha T 惡劣的關係導致合作破裂,當時 Drake 多次著用 adidas 單品出入公開場合的報導想必不少人至今仍記憶猶新。

而除了正式揭曉支線 NOCTA 之外,Drake 也發佈了一篇聲明,當中不僅提到了自身對於 Nike 喜愛和品牌對自己的意義,也闡述了將理想實現於此系列和對其定位的想法。而 NOCTA 也將在 12 月 18 日正式登陸 Nike 線上商店展開發售,有興趣的各位不妨前往 NOCTA 官方頁面查看更多資訊。

This moment is full circle for me.

I mean, growing up Nike was everything. It felt like every shoe I wanted, every athlete I liked, everything I owned was Nike. It didn’t mean anything unless it had a Swoosh.

I remember watching all these athletes repping Nike — each doing the unthinkable — and how inspiring it was. I always felt like there was an opportunity for Nike to embrace an entertainer the same way they had athletes. I thought about how crazy it would have been and what it would have meant for an artist to have a flagship Nike deal.

NOCTA is a realization of all these thoughts and everything I had hoped for — from the culture it’s rooted in to the product and, most important, to the partnership and scale that allows me to share it with the world.

NOCTA is about creating something for people on the move. People who want functional, comfortable fits that are adaptable from one environment to the next.

But as much as it’s about what we make, it’s also about a mindset: an unforgiving drive, a relentlessness. Characterized by the type who are on the road all day, all night — the grinders, the hard workers — trying to accomplish their goals and taking no short cuts.

That mindset also includes loyalty and team. Whether you are in Toronto, London or Paris, there’s this uniform look — Nike Tech Fleece, the gloves, the hat — and it has a real team feel. I wanted to take a piece of that culture that I grew up with, that school of thought, and bring the best to it. With NOCTA, we were trying to make the hardest jacket, the hardest tracksuit, the hardest gloves. Just the best of that world.

This opportunity is something that I’ve been waiting on for a really long time. To be associated with the highest level possible — that was always my goal. We put in a lot of hard work, a lot of man and woman hours, during the last two years. To see it all coming to fruition starts an exciting new chapter in my life.


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