crocs echo storm sneaker campaign tion wayne guy2bezbar london paris hypebeast produced footwear streetwear comfortable innovation slide clog
crocs echo storm sneaker campaign tion wayne guy2bezbar london paris hypebeast produced footwear streetwear comfortable innovation slide clog
The Crocs Echo Storm Is a Testament to City Life
Tion Wayne and Guy2Bezbar break down what makes their hometowns special.
Presented by Crocs

Having debuted the Echo Storm silhouette last year, Crocs returns with its latest Hypebeast-produced campaign fronted by London’s Tion Wayne and Parisian artist Guy2Bezbar.

Revered for its ultra-comfortable footwear offering, Crocs continues to innovate in the world of design – finding new ways to conquer contemporary style and be a staple in any terrain. With the brand recently launching the Echo Clog and Echo Street, a fresh take on its signature everyday silhouette, the latest Echo Storm goes even further by providing an alternative to typical lace-up sneakers.

Merging the versatile properties of a sneaker with the at-home comfort of a slide, the Echo Storm’s forward-thinking silhouette is designed for the future. Sitting on an exaggerated midsole and LiteRide™ footbed, the upper incorporates the brand’s trademark, lightweight, and durable Croslite™ material wrapped around a plush neoprene sock with mesh vents, making for a sleek slip-on function, optimal breathability, and added comfort.

Boasting a branded pull tab, the latest drop arrives in minimalist tonal hues, focusing the silhouette on texture and functionality. The offering includes monochromatic “Midnight” and “Tundra” colorways, designed to suit any style. The latest Echo Storm releases are available to shop on the Crocs website.

Hailing from Edmonton, Tion Wayne kickstarted his music career over a decade ago, rising from the underground “hood video” circuit in the late ‘00s. As the UK’s music scene began to flourish globally in the latter half of the 2010s, Wayne’s mixtapes began to gain traction. Around the same time, he got his first break supporting North London comrade Scorcher’s headline show, and it was here that he realized that music has the potential to evolve from a dream to a reality.

Following the virality of his 2018 single “Keisha & Becky” — that shot him to the top 10 charts before becoming certified platinum in the UK — Wayne has since taken the industry by storm with several No. 1 hits. However, despite all of the chart-topping success, one of his fondest memories is sharing a live tribute to his mother as he performed alongside her at the 2022 MOBO Awards.

London is one of the largest and most populated metropolises in the world, with a variety of unique sights, tastes, and cultures making up the fabric of the city. As a British-Nigerian artist, Wayne ascribes the wealth of knowledge he experienced growing up to the diverse multiculturalism in his area — something that he cites as one of the best things about the city, explaining, “You can go to South London and get good Caribbean food, or you can go North London and get good African and Turkish food.”

Speaking on the array of footwear he owns, he makes it clear that he’s far from a sneakerhead. Not one to buy into trends or the latest drops, one thing he does look out for is comfort when searching for his next pair of kicks, making Crocs an obvious choice that plays seamlessly into his everyday style. “As soon as I put my foot in it, [if] I’m relaxed, then I’m buying it,” he says of his process of purchasing shoes.

Taking inspiration from the Echo Storm, the artist keeps comfort, versatility, and ease at the forefront when styling the sneaker. Wearing pared-back neutrals that complement the “Tundra” colorway, he opts for khaki pants and a brown puffer to round off his look.

Similarly, Guy2Bezbar’s hometown of Barbès, in Paris’ 18th district, is just as rich in culture. For him, his Congolese heritage is something he holds to high regard, and whether it be sound or style, it’s channeled in all facets of his life. “I was immersed in its culture from a very young age. Today, that music is ingrained in me. It’s something that can’t be taken away,” he says as he looks out into the Parisian skyline in his Echo Storm “Midnight” sneakers.

Guy2Bezbar’s mixtapes and hit singles throughout the mid-’10s garnered widespread acclaim in French rap. Now, as the country’s sound shifts more into drill — with unique flows, hard-hitting punchlines, and signature subtitles to appeal to a non-French speaking audience — Guy2Bezbar continues to evolve, cementing himself as a staple in the scene.

Goutte d’Or Festival — his first-ever big-stage performance that his circle organized — was aptly held in his local 18th district and is one of his highlights since stepping into a music career.

Before music, Guy2Bezbar was an aspiring footballer. Having trialed for West Ham at 14 years old and played in local youth leagues during his formative years, he paused his sports activity to pursue music. However, his motivation to perform well on the stage as well as on the pitch didn’t die, as just last year he signed with US Ivry, a team based in the suburbs of Paris.

Describing his style as “relaxed, chilled, and very simple,” looking clean in his outfit as well as sounding clean on a track are both important factors that lend to his overall character. The new Echo Storm itself serves as the blank canvas to achieve this and is brought to life through clean minimalism. “My style is, shall we say, fresh,” he concludes as he showcases a white-on-white look in the “Tundra” colorway.

Check out the campaign visuals in the galleries above. For more information and to shop the new Echo Storm sneakers shown above, visit the Crocs website now.

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