Yohji Yamamoto Vampire Blood Ring

Release Date March 11, 2020
Color N/A
Yohji Yamamoto has just released a dark new series of jewelry, releasing a trio of rings that are molded into various eerie motifs. The styles are inspired by sinister creatures like vampires and the Medusa head, while the sterling silver coating offers a premium aesthetic.

Yamamoto referenced a vampire’s fangs for two of the rings, both of which are inscribed with brand logos on the inner band. The Fang edition features a hollowed-out mouth that accentuates the pointy teeth of a vampire, while the Blood version is designed with drip marks along its mouth in order to continue the ominous aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the Medusa ring emphasizes the Gorgon’s defining traits. Her snaky hair and foreboding eyes are accentuated in the intricate design, which is finished off with logo engravings on the inside.

Yohji Yamamoto’s Vampire Fang Ring and Vampire Blood Ring are priced at $640 USD each, while the Medusa ring is priced at $820 USD. All styles are available to shop now at SSENSE’s webstore.
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