visvim Patchwork Bandana Handyman Shirt

Release Date October 09, 2019
Color Black/White
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After dropping its $2,000 USD Free Edge Shirts, Hiroki Nakamura‘s stalwart label visvim has returned with two monochromatic patchwork button ups that have been meticulously patterned with bandana prints.

Featuring a series of Victorian-era motifs, triangles, traditional emblems, paisleys and polka-dots, the shirts see an intricate mashup of contrasting patterns that accentuate the main parts of the silhouette. For example, two different prints make up the left and right half of the lapels. The left and right sleeves are asymmetrical, while the two upper chest pockets directly contrast the body. While rich patterns clash and mix together in a number of places, other details like natural cow bone buttons and a nuanced hemline round up the well-considered designs.

visvim’s Patchwork Bandana Button ups are currently available at for $1,020 USD.
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