Virgil Abloh MCA Chicago "Figures of Speech" Exhibition Apparel

Release Date August 20, 2019
Color Multi-color
See at MCA Chicago
Continuing with its ongoing apparel drops as part of Virgil Abloh’s “Figures of Speech” exhibition, MCA Chicago has dropped a bevy of new goods that tote the creative director’s riotous style. Included in the recent drops are a variety of Renaissance art emblazoned pieces that include an ode to PYREX VISION’s Caravaggio pieces, as well as a new take on Off-White™’s Mona Lisa and Bernini hoodies and t-shirts. More pieces include a new industrial belt and anorak made specifically for the exhibition, socks, as well as an MCA Chicago tote bag.

Most notably, the Renaissance painting pieces featured include a new red version of Off-White™’s Mona Lisa Hoodie, with various graphics placed on the front, right sleeve, and back, as well as a new Caravaggio hoodie. More pieces include exhibition-exclusive Mona Lisa “Temperature” and Caravaggio t-shirts in white, both of which feature the brand’s signature motifs, as well a red Bernini t-shirt from Off-White™’s Fall/Winter 2019 “Business Casual” collection. Rounding off the releases is a lightweight anorak featuring the brand’s “Figures of Speech” themed arrow logo, socks toting “You Cut Me Off” in red typography, and a red tote bag that remains a flippant take on exaggerated statements.

You can check out all the new pieces in the gallery above. All pieces are currently available via MCA Chicago’s webstore, with prices ranging between $28 USD and $710 USD. Stay tuned as more products from the exhibition are likely to drop before coming to an end on September 22.
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