Stüssy x Jim Denevan for Summer 2020 T-Shirt

Release Date June 19, 2020
Color White
See at Stussy
Stüssy is launching its Summer 2020 collection with a new graphic T-Shirt featuring the artwork of contemporary land artist Jim Denevan. Denevan is renowned for applying complex geometrical motifs onto sand, earth or ice which are then eroded or erased in time. For Stüssy’s particular commission, Denevan illustrates the brand’s iconic curly “S” in beach sand, located in Northern California. The work was then photographed and emblazoned on the tee. The back of the garment also reads, “Stüssy Summer ‘20 by Jim Denevan Hand Drawn in Northern California” in the label’s signature curly font.

The T-shirt will drop on Friday, June 19 at 10 AM PST on Stüssy’s official website.
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