Stone Island SS20 Terrycloth Bathrobe Cape

Release Date May 18, 2020
Color Orange
See at Selfridges
During most people’s couch-filled days of quarantine, upgraded loungewear has become essential, and few could purport to own a cozier garment than Stone Island‘s Spring/Summer 2020 “bathrobe,” which is more of an enormous cape or poncho than a conventional robe. Sporting the Italian brand’s signature attention to detail and lavish touches, the cotton robe is loose-fitting and adjustable, ideal for laying around the house or making a statement at the beach.

Offered in a handful of desaturated summer-friendly colors, the “Lobster Red” tone deftly showcases the terry cloth’s washed-out dye treatment, yielding faded hues and a soft hand. A kangaroo pocket at the front offers enough space for sunscreen, sunglasses and a book, while the armholes can be tighted or let out by toggling the buttons at the sides. A large Stone Island logo is embossed at the rear and a classic Stone Island badge appears at the chest, allowing the wearer to simultaneously dry off and show off.

The Stone Island bathrobe/cape is available for $500 USD on Selfridge’s website along with conventional beach towels.

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