Stone Island Blue Camouflage Chest Bag

Release Date April 07, 2020
Color Blue
See at Harvey Nichols
Stone Island is back with two new statement pieces from its expansive Spring/Summer 2020 catalog — a tactical chest bag and a pouch. The pieces were first seen back in March when the Italian label unveiled its “Big Looms” capsule, and now they’re available.

First up is the chest bag that doubles as a tactical vest. It’s light, slightly faded camo pattern is offset by bold contrasting accents of ballistic nylon around the shoulders, back and waist. The garment sports a large yoke panel that allows the vest to be worn comfortability without friction from all its functional parts. Two small compartments are placed at the top of the front, followed by a pair of larger waist pockets near the hem — Stone Island’s patch logo is placed at the left pocket. Furthermore, the chest bag comes with a cinch belt at the waist and two pockets at the rear, while sleek black hardware rounds up the piece. The waist pouch boasts the same patterns, complemented by two square pockets with black zippers. It comes with a ballistic ripstop belt at the lower section so that the wearer can adjust its width for a better fit around the leg.

The Stone Island “Blue Camo” Chest Bag and Pouch are currently available at Harvey Nichols’ website for $785 USD and $322 USD, respectively.
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