Stone Island Archivio T-Shirt

Release Date April 04, 2020
Color N/A
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Continuing its Archivio Project, Stone Island recently released a T-shirt dedicated to its Lino Watro Camouflage innovation.

Part of the seasonal series celebrating its fabric research and treatments, the short sleeve cotton jersey T-shirt features a photo of a garment from the archive in Lino Watro Camouflage. The image also comes with a brief description – “linen nylon gabardine with a camouflage print, resin treated inside and garment over dyed- and print of the description of the fabric.” A tag that accompanies the top also features a sample of the fabric on the jacket featured. Rounding up the design of the T-shirt is a ribbed neckline and Archivio embroidery at the chest.
Price at $173 USD, Stone Island’s “Lino Watro Camouflage” Archivio T-Shirt is available now at HBX.
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