Prada Cloudbust Thunder Sandals "Black"

Release Date March 09, 2020
Color N/A
See at LN-CC
Prada has reimagined its popular Cloudbust Thunder Sneakers in sandal form. Maintaining its cleated sole, the uppers of the chunky silhuoette have been made with thick wide straps and Velcro ankle support.

Doused in a sleek triple-black colorway, this iteration of the Cloudbust Thunder Sandals is made up of a bevy of different materials that bring out textural contrast. Starting at the top of the silhouette is a rubber velcro strap, subtly etched with white “Prada” branding. It wraps around a tonal ballistic nylon heel support that’s marked with “CLOUDBUST THUNDER” at the central rear — lined with smooth black leather for added comfort. Furthermore, the forefoot sees a set of wide nylon straps, held together by a triangular loop. All of these details sit atop a thick, toothy midsole, equipped with a set of blocky ridges for a semi-rugged look.

The Prada Cloudbust Thunder Sandals in black is currently available at LN-CC’s website for $626 USD.
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