OAMC Polly Shirt Jacket

Release Date August 22, 2019
Color Multi-color
See at LN-CC
OAMC has just dropped a mid-weight padded jacket that is the perfect for the coming months ahead. The silk close-weave Polly Shirt Jacket sees light padding for warmth but is cut in a pattern that resembles a shirt.

The Polly Shirt Jacket continues on with button cuffs, touch-fastening side pockets, a spread collar, and is constructed from 100% silk. The main feature of the jacket can be seen all across the front and back, as OAMC’s “Yellow Flower” graphic makes its way on the surface of the jacket in great detail.

Those interested can find the OAMC Polly Shirt Jacket over at LN-CC for a price of €2,290 EUR (approximately $2,575 USD).
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