Needles Mohair Cardigan Papillon

Release Date October 13, 2019
Color Purple
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Needles released a set of lush mohair cardigans boasting classic patterns like diamond checks and polka dots. The Japanese label is back with a trio of new colorways for the delicate cold-weather silhouettes.

First up is the Papillon Cardigan, emblazoned with Needles’ recurring butterfly logo (which was inspired by Steve McQueen‘s tattoo from the movie Papillon). Placed at the upper chest and near the hem, the butterflies are colored in red, cast against a dark purple base. The next piece is the Checkered Cardigan, comprised of black and purple checks. Thin black lines edge the collars and central closure, complemented by five tonal buttons that blend in seamlessly with the checker pattern. Finally, the Polka Dot Cardigan comes in a lighter shade of purple compared to the last two garments. Apart from its classic polka dot pattern, the piece is constructed with ribbed hem and cuffs, a nuanced design that also appears on the aforementioned pieces.

The Needles Mohair Cardigans are currently available at for $249 USD.
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