Dior Shawn Stussy Shirt

Release Date June 18, 2020
Color Blue
See at 24S
Dior has dropped a brand new piece from its eclectic Spring/Summer 2020 lineup. Following its floral-patterned scarf, Dior has called in Shawn Stussy once again for a hand in detailing a button-up.

The shirt has been scrawled with Shawn’s signature graffiti-inspired script in a deep indigo tone over a creamy ecru foundation. “DIOR” branding is emblazoned all throughout the shirt in a number of fonts, from big block letters to thin cursive styles, bending and wrapping around neighboring logos until every part of the button-up is covered. The piece sports a semi-fitted cut, with structured collars and contrasting white buttons that are tucked underneath a central flap for a clean look.

Dior’s Shawn Stussy Shirt is currently available at 24S for $1,200 USD.
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