Dior Oblique Sandals

Release Date July 08, 2020
Color Black
See at 24S
Dior‘s luxe Oblique Sandals have landed in a sleek black colorway, a bold contrast to a lighter counterpart from back in April.

The slides come equipped with a long velcro ripstop strap that starts at the upper quarters and crosses diagonally over to the forefoot, and a wide leather center strap holds it all in place. Beneath the technical details, intricate weaves of Dior’s signature monogram appears along the uppers, rounded off by sleek piping that frames the repeated motifs. As finishing touches, the silhouette boasts a finely cushioned footbed, a thin anti-abrasive strip around the toes and a contrasting white outsole to complete the clean design.

Dior’s Oblique Sandals are currently available on 24S’ website for $700 USD.
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