Calvin Klein 205W39NYC 'Jaws' Knitted Sweater

Release Date March 05, 2019
Color Black
Raf Simons’ legacy at CALVIN KLEIN concludes with statement pieces like this distressed Jaws sweater. The Spring/Summer 2019 collection was Simons’ last at the American brand, and graphic goods like this sweater are indicative of the Belgian wunderkind’s playful approach to layering. Having already launched poster-printed T-shirts for $490 USD, the Italian-made sweater is woven loosely. The upper portion in particular practically sags under its own weight, yielding a plethora of small gaps in between the stitches above the graphic. The red “JAWS” print at the chest offers stark contrast to the black body, which sports a contemporary fit — oversized sleeves and a boxy, cropped body.
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