Release Date April 07, 2020
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Adding to its growing lineup of collaborations, AMBUSH and BAIT came together to unveil their limited edition ASTRO BOY AMBUSH figure.

Honoring Osamu Tezuka‘s classic character, the Tokyo-based fashion label founded by YOON and VERBAL looked to reimagine and dress the icon. Available in “Silver” and “Gold” colorways, AMBUSH added metallic details to the hair and legs of the young android boy with human emotions.

Drawing from Astro Boy‘s righteous nature centered around the good of humankind, YOON designed black and white jumpsuits in line with the label’s established aesthetic. Decoration of the outfitting comes in the form of “A” markings on the chest and “AMBUSH” emblazoned at the rear. Each color option will be limited to just 55 units.

Priced at ¥45,000 JPY + taxes (approximately $407 USD + taxes), the BAIT x AMBUSH ASTRO BOY AMBUSH figure is set to release online and at AMBUSH’s WORKSHOP and WORKSHOP 2 flagship locations in Tokyo April 7.
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