Alife x Crocs Collaboration

Release Date June 14, 2018 - 12:00 am EST
Color Grey / Black
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Following joint efforts with the likes of Umbro and Riess ceramics, New York streetwear stalwart Alife returns to the spotlight with a trio of collaborative Crocs.

Perhaps one of the most surprising team-ups of the year, the brand’s founder and creative director, Rob Cristofaro, noted, “The clog is a fashion misfit, which is why I think our collaboration points out that doing something you love is more important than following the latest trends,” though he made it clear that this release actually predates the headline-grabbing Balenciaga Crocs: “… I must add that the clog style is trending now, more than a year after we began our project.”

The revised mules come in three iterations: Art, Sport and Classic. The Art model sports a selection of 3D-printed “Jibbitz,” Crocs accessories that can be wedged into the toe of the shoe, which reference iconic New York landmarks. On the flip side, the Sport silhouette boasts built-in tube socks, a blend of athleticism and comfort. Finally, the Classic style offers the classic Alife logo, seen on the brand’s first-ever T-shirt, and the classic Crocs silhouette, with Alife branding seen on the strap and around the toe.
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