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Rolex is a privately owned Swiss watch manufacturer that is based in Geneva, Switzerland and was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf. It is revered as one of the top watchmakers in the world for its luxury quality, designs and precision in its craft. Rolex watches are often timeless in design and are often considered as symbols of prestige and luxury. Today, Rolex actively sponsors and supports philanthropy initiatives in other industries and sectors including the arts, environment, sports and exploration. Products are developed by a team of skilled watchmakers, engineers, designers and gem-setters, where the conception, design, manufacturing and testing processes are all done in Geneva. In 1926, Rolex was the first company to create a waterproof wristwatch, dubbed the “Oyster,” which had a hermetically sealed case. In 1931, the company invented and patented the Perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism, which paved the way for every modern automatic watch in the world. 1953 saw the brand expand its designs to include other information than just telling time, as specialized models were developed for areas in aviation, deep-sea diving, mountain climbing and scientific exploration. In 1905, founder Hans Wilsdorf launched the company at the young age of 24 in London. He began by specialising in distributing timepieces. At the time, the wristwatch was not very common, and Wilsdorf’s vision of making the style popular has helped Rolex propel and pioneer the development of the wristwatch through to the modern age.

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Rolex enters into a long-term partnership with Formula 1® Racing as Official Timekeeper and Official Timepiece


Rolex develops and patents the Cerachrom bezel


Oyster Perpetual Explorer, launches in 1953 to celebrate the victorious ascent of Everest, immediately acquires iconic status
Rolex launches the “Oyster Perpetual Explorer,”


Rolex debuts the “Datejust” model, the first self-winding wrist chronometer that displays the date on the dial and straps to a Jubilee bracelet


September - Sir Malcolm Campbell, the “king of speed,” set the land speed record of over 300 mph (approximately 485 km/h) at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, U.S.A., while wearing a Rolex watch


Rolex “Oyster” watches were worn by crew members during the first flying expedition over Mount Everest


Rolex invents and patents the world’s first Perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism


Young English swimmer Mercedes Gleitze swam 10 hours across the English Channel wearing the Rolex “Oyster,” proving the watch’s waterproof properties. The event was published on the full front page of the Daily Mail, and also marks the birth of the Testimonee concept


Rolex creates the “Oyster,” the first waterproof wristwatch, and the dustproof wristwatch


Montres Rolex S.A. registers as a company in Geneva


Rolex relocates to Geneva, Switzerland, due to the city being known for its watchmaking craft


Rolex receives the Class “A” Precision Certificate by Kew Observatory of Great Britain. At the time this distinction was only reserved for marine chronometers. Rolex wristwatches have since been kept to this standard


Rolex receives the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision by the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne for becoming the first in the world to invent a wristwatch with chronometric precision


Hans Wilsdorf comes up with the name “Rolex”


Founded by Hans Wilsdorf
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