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Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) is a men’s streetwear clothing line established by Pharrell Williams and NIGO in 2005 rooted in Japan, aim to offer high quality streetwear items. The brand is known for its Spaceman logo, incepted to fully encompass the brand’s ethos, that money wasn’t a part of the inspiration as opposed to what the name may insulate. The attraction of the brand, apart from its quality, are the unique design styles that are offered in very limited quantities. Jay Z later entered a partnership with BBC in 2011 in order to distribute the clothes through his Rocawear line. Pharrell has met NIGO in 2002 at the latter’s showroom, where the two found mutual interests in fashion and art. All the pieces in the brand are designed by Pharrell and NIGO, and are things that the pair would wear. Everyone involved shared a mutual passion for learning. It made its debut in Pharrell’s “Frontin’” music video, where the artist wears pieces from its first collection. Pharrell was originally the only person who was able to wear its pieces, and each are developed in such small quantities that it made the pieces skyrocket in popularity. BBC was also created along with Ice Cream, a footwear line. Most recently, BBC has expanded their line to include childrenswear and womenswear, with the Billionaire Girls’ Club. BGC is designed by Youn, and in 2014 an Ice Cream Girls line was launched designed by Va$htie. Another diffusion line was launched, called Bee Line, a higher end and more mature and exclusive line, which was launched in collaboration with Mark McNairy. By 2013, the brand was projected to rake in over $25 million to $30 million USD.

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JAY Z becomes involved and invests in the brand


Founded by Pharrell Williams and Nigo
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